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Zoku Chassis for Base Camp

Zoku Chassis for Base Camp

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This is an LCG chassis that is specifically made to fit an Axial Base Camp. It uses the Base Camp transmission and a 6 degree angled skid. It has multiple suspension mounting points for adjusting castor and anti squat.  It is significantly lighter with a forward weight bias and it eats hard lines. Includes everything needed to convert a Base Camp into an LCG Base Camp including hardware.

Included in kit: 

New panhard mount 

New steering drag link

Lay down servo mount 

Front and rear bumpers 

Frame rails 

Skid plate 


All necessary hardware to complete kit

Items needed to complete build:

Base Camp transmission 





Traxxas body mounts 8115 or 8215 (8115 for a low profile body 8215 for something taller) 

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